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Trenbolone mix has high anabolic value. It gives the user quality and pure muscle, provides fat burning without dieting. Incredibly adds muscle mass and burns fat with a high protein diet.

Trenbolone use should not exceed 8-10 weeks, it tires the kidneys more than the liver, so it is useful to consume extra water.

Trenbolone Mix side effects;

As with any steroid, it can accelerate acne and hair loss if you have genetic shedding.
There may be a deepening of the voice.
Libido level may be too high.
He can be aggressive.
Usage of Trenbolone Mix;

Most athletes inject at least twice a week. Some bodybuilders can use 1-2 ampoules daily 3-4 weeks before the competition.

weekly train mix dosage; It is between 150-450mg.

When combined with Winstrol injection, great quality muscle gain and strength is achieved. It is possible to get tremendous results when combining trenbolone with growth hormone.
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