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It is a long ester drug with high androgenic and anabolic effect. Trenbolone produces IGF-1, an important body hormone for the body. This is important for every single cell in the Human body. It is from the same family as Nandrolone, which is a 19-nor anabolic steroid. In the first use, excessive doses should not be taken and the developments should be checked. Its use is excessive. It is suitable for weight gain as well as increasing strength. For women, it is highly androgenic. This steroid is a cutting-edge, tough-looking, body-fat-eliminating anabolic that is also ideal for adding massive muscle. Trenbolone Enanthate has some properties such as increasing red blood cell but highly increased protein synthesis, regulating nitrogen retention, eliminating and minimizing glucocorticoid steroid. Trenbolone is not suitable for the first cycle, I recommend it in the 3rd cycle.

Usage: For 8 Week Cures.

Athletes weighing 70–80 kilograms can take 200mg of Trenbolone for the first 4 weeks, and 300mg of Trenbolone in the next 5–8 weeks. In addition, we can usually recommend 40-50 mg of proviron during the cycle to balance your libido level. In the use of Proviron, it helps the Testosterone hormones to bind to the cells and they combine better. Thus, your own hormone level will not be too low.

For athletes weighing 80-100 kilograms, 300mg is started in the first 4 weeks, 400mg can be taken in 5-6 weeks and can be increased up to 500mg in the last 7-8 weeks. This time, I recommend taking 75mg of proviron daily. If there is a situation such as gynecomastia, you can take 2.5mg of letrozole daily. Those who use 500mg of Trenbolone can have a very aggressive nature.

For athletes of 100 kilograms and above, I can recommend 400mg for the first 4 weeks and then 500mg for 5-8 weeks.

Do not consume too much salt and sugar in Trenbolone use, it can tire your heart, unnecessary fat accumulation slows down blood pumping and the heart makes more effort to pump blood.

Combined: You can use it with Deca or Boldenone to get more strength and have muscles like steel. Trenabol (Trenbolone) itself is a strength, its density and hardness produce outstanding results in mass sense. It is well combined with Winstrol, Dianabol and Testosterone mix types and is effective in bulking cycles.
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