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Sp labs boldenone is a drug that is preferred by athletes who want to enlarge their muscles, gaining permanent muscle and stimulating appetite. It can be used both in bulk and diet period, but Boldever usage time is very important. A person using the drug should use the drug for at least six weeks to get a tangible result. The person using the drug will see the effect of the drug after four weeks, but a person using the drug for less than four weeks will not see a noticeable effect of the drug.
In addition, after the regular use of the drug, it will help to extend the Post Cycle Therapy process further. Boldever is not a fast bodybuilding drug, but when used regularly, it can turn your body into a beast in the long run. Especially after the 12th week, it creates huge effects.
Usage: It is sufficient to use 300-400 mg per week on average. The drug should be injected once a week. The dose of the drug varies in men and women. 400 mg per week for men, 100-150 mg per week for women is sufficient and is usually used at these doses.
Combined: Since it is depot, it combines very well with Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate when using it during the bulk period. In the diet, a variety of cycles can be made with steroids such as Trenbolone Acetate, Testosterone Propionate. Another feature of Boldenone is the feeling of hunger and your stomach is always hungry and you need to eat. This can force you very hard during the diet period. However, this may vary according to metabolism. There are those who do not get hungry despite taking 750mg per week.
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