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What is Saizen and what is it used for?
Saizen is a growth hormone. The main effect of Saizen is growth in children and adolescents.
increase is to treat growth hormone deficiency in adults.
The growth hormone (Somatropin) contained in Saizen, "recombinant DNA technology" (genetic
natural growth of man, except that it is obtained outside the body by a process called engineering
almost the same as the hormone.
Saizen is a clear to slightly opaque solution for injection.
SAIZEN has a piston plug (rubber) and a snap-on cap (aluminum and rubber).
Supplied in a ready-to-use cartridge (Type I glass). Packaging contains 1 or 5 cartridges.
Not all packaging sizes are available in the market.
Saizen is used in the following situations:
In children and adolescents:
Caused by the absence or lack of growth hormone secretion
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