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Aquatest, or Suspension testosterone, is a steroid product used for mass gain and strength gain. Testosterone suspension is a water-based, ester-free variety of testosterone. It is the first form of testosterone. Among athletes, testosterone suspension is known as a very powerful injection and is often ranked among the top-notch testosterones. Very fast acting suspension testosterone raises testosterone levels for only 2-3 days. Athletes should inject the suspension at a dose of 50-100mg every day.

It is a type of testosterone that is generally used to gain strength quickly. It can be used by athletes in situations where performance and strength increase is required, such as running without doping test, interview.

It provides impressive increase in muscle mass and strength.
If you want to gain a large amount of mass, this product is very suitable for you. Dianabol combines very well with anajet, parabolan, masteron or deca durabolin.
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